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Who we are

In Gujarati, 'KAKA' means paternal uncle, an ideal, integral member of a close-knit family. Someone who can be trusted without a doubt and who is a well-wisher. We aim to symbolize a familiar feeling since 2011 and a brand that is your well-wisher as well. With a wide range of high-quality products that surpass your expectations when it comes to water tank or bathroom fittings needs, our commitment to your satisfaction is unparalleled.

Speaking of Water Tanks, there are various requirements for each one of us, and finding all those variables at one stop is not possible at times. From 6 layer tanks to underground and loft ones, you can trust us with your water tank needs.

Over time, the recurring growth of bacteria on the surface of the tank makes stored water unsafe for drinking. To keep the inner surface clean and clear of any bacterial infestations, our tanks are made of 100% virgin plastic, and anti-pathogenic material. For added protection, the threaded lid provides as a strong physical barrier against environmental pollutants.

Along with that, we are stepping in the bathroom fittings' arena with our PTMT range and hope to get the same love and support.

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Product Delivered
5 Lacs+

With our dedication towards customers and timely approach to deal with demands in the market, we are proud that we have delivered quality products to more than 5 Lac customers.

Distributor Network

Our distributors who have worked relentlessly over the years is one of the main reasons behind our reaching a pedestal. Our distributor family rocks!

Cities Covered

They say success spans oceans, but in our case, our quality and commitment have made us a name to swear by in more than 120 cities of this country!


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Vasant Patel
Director Technical
Dharmesh Desai
Director Production
Arvind Patel
Vinod Patel
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Head Marketing
Umesh Pandya
water storage tanks
Independent Director
Jitendra Patel