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KAKA Offers a Wide Range of uPVC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings...

KAKA Offers a wide range of uPVC Plumbing Pipes. KAKA uPVC Plumbing Pipes are manufature from Hi-Tech plan and machinery with properly controlled important process parameter.

Kaka Pressure Pipes

KAKA Plumbing Pipes Salient Features:
  • Low cost in comparison to G.I. & C.I. Pipes.
  • Easy in installation.
  • Minimum frictional losses thus saving in pumping cost.
  • 25% higher discharge rate than G.I. Pipes.
  • Long life & low maintenance.
  • No contamination due to incrustation and corrosion.
  • Leak proof joints.
  • Fire resistant, non conductor of electricity & low thermal conductivity.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Economical
  • Negligible maintenance & longer life
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth bore, hence excellent flow properties
  • High impact strength
  • Light weight but strong
  • Non Toxic

Pipe Standard : As per ASTM D 1785 with Schedule 40 & 80
Fitting Standard : As per ASTM D 2467 Schedule 80 only.
Product : Coupler, Tee, Elbow 90, End Cap, Ball Valve, Union MABT (Threaded), FABT (Threaded), Brass Tee, Brass Elbow, MABT, FABT etc.
Range : Dia : ½" to 2" OD
Length : 3 mtrs. & 6 mtrs. for pipe.
Color : White

Technical Parameters :
  • High Pressure uPVC Threaded / Threadless Plumbing Pipe as per ASTM-D-1785 Dimension and Water Pressure rating at 230 C
  • Properties remain unchanged upto temperature 600 C (continuously) and 900 C (for short time)

  • Applications :
    • Building Construction :
    • This pipes & Fittings are useful to provide water connections for bathrooms, kitchen sinks, washbasin & laboratories.

    • Potable Water Supply :
    • It can be used in complexes, individual houses, flats, offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, bus & railway stations.

    • Industrial Application :
    • Distribution of Chemicals, Gas Industries, Agriculture, Power plants Telecommunication & Project etc.

    Installation :
    • Installation Instruction :
    • Use of Teflon tape recommended to avoid damage and subsequent leakage. Can also be jointed to metal pipes and fittings. No special equipment required. Lesser time-consuming than metal pipes.